Seven Simple Letters That Will Save My Life

Soreness Versus Pain

I have learned since starting DDP Yoga that there is a big difference between being SORE and being in PAIN. 

My body pain over the past couple of years has been almost constant. No rhyme or reason, just constantly hurting me. 

When I started DDP Yoga a couple months back, and since I have restarted it, I have learned the word SORE. My muscles don’t get that kind of training in a normal day. To put myself on the floor in plank position and just hold it amazes me. I can really feel it working. 

My back pain isn’t 100% gone. I think part of it is this crappy chair I have to sit in at work. I think I am going to start shopping for another one. 

But after I workout, I feel rejuvenated, I feel good, and I feel like I can accomplish things.

Yes, the next morning I am sore, but I would much rather be sore from turning on muscles than be in pain from not using them.

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